The best way to join a booster club program, recognized by the Burlington-Edison School District, is to communicate with our head coaches or advisers of our programs. They can put you in touch with the booster club officers for the programs, when they meet, and how to get signed up.

The general purpose of a booster club is to assist in financing the legitimate extra-curricular activities of the student body in order to augment, but no conflict with, the educational programs provided by the Burlington-Edison School District. The B-ESD realizes there are many enthusiastic and caring parents who are willing to help but may not know all the implications of their involvement. The B-ESD wants to make sure parents are protected, and the interactions are positive when boosters are working with our programs.
By Law, Booster Clubs have specific requirements in order to function as a booster club:
  •  Current Organizational By-Laws for your group
  •  Develop a Mission and Vision Statement
  •  Business License (If retail sales are held)
  •  Parent Organizational rules (if any)
  •  Current list of officers provided to the buildings administration
  •  IRS Tax Identification Number (EIN)
  •  Washington State UBI #
  •  Certificate of Insurance
  •  Inventory of equipment (that is property of the booster club), not required if items are donated to the school.
  •  Recent copies of income tax reports
  •  Annual renewal of Secretary of State Registration
  •  List of Bank Accounts
  •  Current list of bank authorized signers (usually President and Treasurer; requires two signatures)
  •  Health Cards (if food is sold)
  •  Articles of Incorporation with Secretary of State stamp
  •  IRS Tax exempt request letter and/or Tax determination letter
  •  Any other agreements set forth with the school buildings administration
  •  It is the expectation with every booster club group associated with the Burlington-Edison School District groups and/or programs that our head coaches/advisers are highly involved in the decision making process. The Booster Club mission and vision statements, as well as, the booster by-laws should reflect this requirement.
  •  Also, included in the by-laws should reflect that any group that disbands or no longer will be a booster club, that all monies in accounts will be transferred and donated to the groups Associated School Body Account.

It is important, at a minimum, for the booster club officers and its members have an understanding of the school guidelines to avoid booster clubs acting as an ASB group.

  • Money raised during the school day, on school property, using school personnel, or school materials is public money.
  • Public money, generated by the students or in the name of students, may be used only for Cultural, Athletic, Recreational, or Social purposes.
  • ASB funds are restricted Public Money and cannot be used for curricular purposes.
  • Co-Curricular is not a legal term. Only curricular and extra-curricular are defined by law.
  • Public Money cannot be given away for private use. (Example: Booster Club members getting into games for free)
  • Students and staff must collaborate on the generation of public money. (ASB Meetings)
  • Schools must have a system to monitor and protect the use of public money. (Coaches attending booster meetings)

What turns a parent group fundraiser into an ASB activity?

  • The cash receipts are given to the school ASB secretary and/or stored in the school safe. Athletic Office cannot collect funds for booster clubs.
  • The students handle the cash receipting reconciliation process.
  • The inventory is purchased by the ASB…Student Officer signs a purchase order.
  • The school district holds and inventories the goods for sale.
  • A majority of the work is performed by the students. Work must be done by the parents.
  • The parent group uses the school name (without adding “boosters”).
  • District facilities use not following per district policy. School district personnel are involved during staff time.
  • Event workers wearing official school apparel.


Application Process for Starting a New Booster Club

Please complete the following two items to be considered a booster club group being recognized by the Burlington-Edison School District:
Other Resources to help: